Set Phrase Resources

Physical skills – Definitions

Posture The way the body is held.
Alignment Correct placement of body parts in relation to each other.
Co-ordination Efficient combination of body parts.
Balance A steady or held position achieved by even distribution of weight.
Strength Muscular power.
Stamina Ability to maintain physical and mental energy over periods of time.
Flexibility The range of movement in the joints, (Muscles, tendons, ligaments).
Mobility The ability to move fluently from action to action.
Control The skills required to ensure that the body can master dance movements.
Extension Lengthening one or more muscles/limbs.
Isolation Independent movement of part of the body.

Expressive skills – Definitions

Focus: Use of the eyes to enhance performance or interpretative qualities

Projection: The energy the dancer uses to connect with and draw in the audience.

Spatial awareness: Consciousness of the surrounding space and its effective use.

Facial Expression:Use of the face to show mood, feeling or character.

Phrasing: The way in which the energy is distributed in the execution of a movement phrase