The GCSE Dance Anthology (scroll down for all six dances)

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A Linha Curva (the curved line) by Itzik Galili (2005 & 2009)
The music is wriaen by Percossa, a percussion group based in Holland. The music, which includes vocal sounds, is played live by four percussionists and is influenced by Brazilian samba music. The dancers also contribute to the vocal sounds.
7 Sections plus introductory chant.

´┐╝Section One:
Section one sets the tone for the work very clearly. The audience are introduced to the ligh1ng, forma1ons and movement phrases which become clear without distrac1on from narra1ve or any vocals from the dancers. The ligh1ng grid dictates posi1on, so although there is a sense of fun, the dancers are quite restricted. Much of the movement in this sec1on comes from the named movement phrases developed by dancers in the ini1al choreographic development. These phrases are performed in linear forma1ons and developed in various ways as the dancers travel through the lighting.

Within her Eyes




Emancipation of Expressionism

One of the key things we can take from this interview is the idea of Order and Chaos explored through group formations and relationships (rubix cube and rugby scrum)


Artificial Things